A man that looks down and can no longer hear his hearts sound, kept his eyes on a fallen star that never wanted to be found. You have to take the pain and bury it deep within the ground, or like the star your soul will be lost and forever bound.    

  Life is not necessarily a bridge that is to be crossed, but a building that is to be built.  There is no point in a journey without a purpose. With every brick that is laid with love and honor. Your life monument will remain that much stronger. It was cracks in the wall that […]

The world does not exist, only the reality we create for ourselves.  The reality we create for ourselves is based upon the love or hate we have in our hearts, and how we interact and attract the people and objects around us.  The reality we create and perpetuate over time is our life.

When you speak the truth and you live the truth. Your life is truth. Everything that is in it is there because it represents you. When you live a life of lies your life becomes cluttered with things that bring you misery. Even if the lie was originated because that person or object brought you […]

Thinking Different is the only path to different outcomes. If you think and accept the same reality as everyone else. You will be stuck in that reality. 2+2 will always equal 4. Our life + Our Choices will always produce our reality. The only way to change that is with different life choices, or in […]